My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.
“Forgotten Home”, Dejan Stojanovic (via luxology)

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Hey guys,
I wanted to recommend a book to you.
It’s The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.
I just made it through half of the book but I already find it SO interesting and helpful.
Joseph is describing how your conscious and subconcious minds are working together and how you can archive anything through it.

I’ve just started to use one of his methods, so I can’t really tell you about this yet but the book gave me much to think about my thinking patterns. I try to avoid any “I can’t do it” and so on. Also I’m noticing more and more when I’m tensed, then I think slowly “I’m relaxed.” and releasing my muscles. It’s kinda exhausting if you do this for 8 hours, because my body goes constantly tense again. My body just learned to be tensed, so I have to learn him he doesn’t have to, that everything is okay.
I think if I’m gonna stick to this all I could really change something for the better with the talking thing.

Yeah, I’ll keep you guys updated and if you already know this book or gonna read it let’s talk about it :)

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